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So what is Digital Marketing?

If you find digital marketing confusing then don’t worry, you are not alone. There are some very senior marketers at blue chip companies who also find it confusing. It gets confusing because there are so many options and only so many hours in the day that you can spend focusing on it. It is therefore quite easy to become overwhelmed by digital marketing and not bother doing it or just dabble with it, not having a real strategy or game plan in place.

If you find yourself in this position our advice is to strip it down to its bare essentials...

If you forget the word digital for a moment, it’s essentially just marketing.

The word digital just means that it’s marketing that you do online. So this will include your website, what you do on social media, how you engage your customers through mobile, what you say to your customers through email, how you attract customers through apps, videos and much much more.

This doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is dead. There is still a very important place for traditional marketing but as more and more people gravitate online and do business there, you are going to need a cohesive plan in place if you want to pick up your share of that business.

This is where Moomph Media comes in. With over 10 years experience helping companies such as Oxfam GB, Virgin Atlantic, Confused.Com, HSBC and The Body Shop get to grips with some of their digital marketing strategies, Moomph Media are well placed to guide you through the maze that is digital marketing.

Making digital marketing simple

Our role is to work with you, make digital marketing simpler to understand and show you the best way to get results. We work with you to help you understand which digital channels your business should be engaging in and how you should be going about it.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to be doing everything, everywhere and at all times. It’s far better to be more selective and do some of the channels really well rather than spread yourself too thinly across everything.

Email marketing normally tops this list. Time and time again email marketing out performs all the other channels when it comes to getting results and our expertise in this area is second to none. We will show you how you can integrate email marketing into the rest of your marketing activity so that you can yield the type of results you are looking for.

Getting results for your business

Do you want to work with a digital marketing company that will take the trouble to understand your business and the industry you are in? You’ll be working with a company that has created successful digital marketing campaigns for blue chip companies, SMEs and start up businesses.

Do you want to work with a digital marketing company who understand how your brand needs to be represented on the internet? You’ll be working with a company that has over 10 years experience in doing exactly that for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

At the end of the day we know that you are looking for results. Working with Moomph Media will put some oomph in your marketing and show you how to get there faster!

Great results from your digital marketing.
Engagement with your brand.
More revenue on your bottom line.


Tips for implementing an effective email marketing strategy

Tuesday 14th October 2014

I know I’ve banged on about this a few times but I have found through experience that stuff like this is always worth repeating. I’m talking about email marketing strategy and the importance of having one. Email marketing, when done correctly, can be a fantastic way of generating new business but it does require a bit of patience.
If you don’t give it the necessary thought, time or attention then it’s easy to get wrong and think that email marketing doesn’t work. I’ve worked with numerous companies who have embarked on email marketing campaigns and have abandoned them after the first attempt. I’ve then had to spend lots of time convincing them that it’s a very worthwhile strategy and showing them where they went wrong previously. Eventually the penny drops and it starts to work…funny that.
So here goes…these are my quick tips on how to implement an effective email marketing strategy:
Work with a good email marketing provider - It might be tempting to try and manage this in-house but do you know how to avoid spam filters and configure emails so that they are trusted by internet service providers? Most people don’t so that’s why you should seek out a service provider who can manage this for you.
Have a plan – what are your objectives? What do you want to achieve? When do you want to achieve it? Like any marketing you do you must have a game plan. Start with the ideal end in mind and work back from there.
Have a clean up – what is your existing contact database like? If you know it hasn’t been updated in years then there is probably all kinds of dross in there. Go through it getting rid of wrong email addresses, duplicates, spacing errors, incorrect email formats etc. This will save time in the long run and it’s also good practice as you go forward.
Do a bit of segmenting – it’s unlikely that your sales/marketing message is relevant to everyone so depending on what your plan is, target accordingly. If you keep sending irrelevant messages to customers who don’t care about your proposition then they will unsubscribe. Tailor your messages to those customers who may benefit from your product or service and learn from customer behaviour.
Care about your design – sometimes less is more in this area. Don’t overload with images, make sure it looks good on mobiles and tablets and have clear call to actions.
Create great copy – No point doing any of the above if your copy isn’t worth reading. Your copy needs to engage, draw people in and lead them to your call to action. From your subject line to your body text it needs to resonate with your audience. If writing isn’t your forte then bring in a copywriter.
Please test – Don’t send your email to anybody until you’ve tested it a few times. Make sure the images aren’t distorted, that the spelling and grammar are correct and that any links you have put in actually work. Premature email sending out can be the cause of much embarrassment and damage to your credibility!
If you pay heed to the above then you’re on the right track for creating a half-decent email campaign. To make it a fully-decent email campaign you may want to call in a professional…..
To find out more about creating a robust email marketing strategy then please contact Hayley Cashmore on 01543 226241 or email to book a consultation!


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I have had the pleasure of working with Hayley in sourcing specialist data for a project to build new commercial contacts. Her professionalism and knowledge of the marketing industry, made the process of buying and managing data easy.

Hayley took time to understand my requirements and the goals I set out to achieve, providing valuable consultancy support throughout the process. In building a strong relationship with me, the data provided allowed our business to build contacts with potential new clients, giving the business an opportunity to grow.

During this time, Hayley became a part of our team and played an active role in maintaining timely contact with me prior to sourcing and post sourcing. This meant that I was able to project manage effectively.

Hayley is a true professional and I recommend Hayley to any business that aims to engage their market and grow their business.

Rita P Booth | Business Coach | Relationship Management |

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